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#1900LW Isle of Wight Limewash

$ 30.00

Stucco, Adobe & Earth Plasters background texture #1900LW Isle of Wight Limewash swatch#1900LW Isle of Wight Limewash foreground texture

$ 30.00

Product is concentrated. Produces up to 3 × the amount once diluted—view dilution charts.

Coverage: 1 pint covers approximately 65–85 sq. feet once diluted. This amount may vary depending on your surface.

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For our Limewash, we use a traditional mixture of slaked lime putty and all natural pigments to color the solution. Limewash sets slowly by absorbing carbon dioxide in the air, producing calcite crystals that create a soft surface glow. True Limewash effects are often strived for, but never achieved with faux finishes. Our Limewash provides a long lasting, unique finish.

Our Limewash is best applied on the following surfaces:
    - Stucco
    - Brick
    - Stone
    - Cement Board
    - Plaster
    - Adobe
    - Earth Plasters

* Please use colors as a guide. Actual color may vary slightly depending on dilution, surface material, and monitor display settings.
Application Instructions
Safety Data Sheets

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