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What is limewash?

Limewash is an old-world European style of finish for interiors and exteriors; made by crushing and burning limestone, then slaking it with water to create a putty. This putty goes through an aging process from a couple of months to a couple of years. Once properly aged, water is used to dilute the lime putty to create limewash. Natural earth pigments are added to color the putty. These pigments can be blended to create any color; from soft earth tones to strikingly vibrant hues


How is it different from other paints?

Our limewash and limepaints are all-natural, water-based finishes that are free of toxic VOCs, oil, and latex; making them safe for you and the environment. The depth, texture, and soft glow, achieved with lime finishes, are unique characteristics that synthetic paints can not create.

Lime finishes work with the surfaces they’re applied to, allowing walls to breathe and age gracefully over time. This prevents moisture from getting trapped inside. Modern synthetic paints create a seal on surfaces, locking moisture inside walls which causes water buildup. This leads to blistering, bubbling, and possible structural damage on homes.

Lime finishes are very durable so they weather over time instead of chipping, peeling, or yellowing as is common with modern paints. When it comes time for a fresh coat, there is no need to scrape the wall and start from scratch; simply paint a fresh coat of limewash.  


Why should I choose Charleston Limewash?

All of our products are eco-friendly and handmade in our warehouse in Charleston, South Carolina. From the aging process, to coloring, to shipping, our team is completely hands on to ensure the product you order meets our high quality standards. We begin our lime putty base with genuine aged quicklime. Then we tint each finish by hand with natural earth pigments to ensure precision.

We are a small team of people who are passionate about this all-natural, traditionally beautiful style of finish and we want to share it with you.


What colors are available?


Above is just a sampling of the inspiring colors we offer. In addition to our Charleston Limewash specific colors, we also provide custom color services to give you the color you're looking for. We can match colors from any other paint company, or create a custom color exclusively for you. 

How are your products packaged?
Our products are concentrated for both your shipping convenience, as well as to enable you to dilute it to your unique usage.

Where can I get a sample?
We offer pint size containers of each product under the size drop down menu on each product page.

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