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Hey Google, What is Limewash?

Hey Google, What is Limewash?

Although lime is one of the oldest building materials known to man & many can recognize the old-fashioned beauty of limewash when they see it, there isn't a lot of information about what it is exactly. So let's discuss.

Limewash was first used as a home finish over 2500 years ago. Initially made popular by its simple recipe (crush limestone, burn it, then mix it with water & natural pigments for color), its protective & aesthetic qualities are what have given it staying power throughout the ages.

(One of the many natural pigments we use to color our lime finishes.) 

It is unique not only in its simultaneously illuminating & weathered appearances, but also in the benefits that distinguish it from other finishes. As time went on, paints & washes became cheaper for easier application & mass production. As a result, the benefits of lime & natural pigments were replaced with fillers & chemicals. Are we still willing to sacrifice our health for cheaper quality finishes?

Limewash & Limepaint are experiencing something of a renaissance in the modern age: although its popularity never ebbed in Europe, as America has become more eco-conscious people began looking for more sustainable, earth friendly paints to keep their home environments healthier.  

(Limewash on stucco)

Why choose Charleston Limewash?

There are many imitation limewashes on the market that are used to try to achieve the same soft, glowing patina you get with authentic limewash. But with substitutes, that natural glow is never quite realized & the benefits of genuine lime are lost.

Our finishes differ from others on the market because we start with quicklime, which is lime in its purest state, instead of hydrated lime which has already undergone a chemical reaction.

What does this mean for you?

With other limewashes, the chemical reaction necessary for a long lasting bond & that crystal-like glow has already occurred long before the product even gets to you.

With our limewash, this reaction doesn't begin until your first application. This means that the glowing calcite crystals bloom on your walls instead of in our shop, & the bond to ensure it lasts begins with you, not on its way to you.  

(Limewash on plaster creates a beautiful depth.)

What surfaces can limewash & lime paint be applied to?

Limewash is best applied to porous surfaces (plaster, stucco, brick, stone, cement, & wood).  

Our Limepaint is formulated with more modern surfaces in mind, such as drywall & already painted surfaces. 

We're here to bring the beautiful, old-world home finishes that are common in Europe & Australia, to the United States with our premium lime finishes. Let us help make your home even more beautiful.


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