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5 Reasons Limewash is for You

With the wide range of home finishes available today, deciding which style to choose for your next project is never an easy one. To help make the process a little simpler, here are 5 reasons that limewash is right for your next project:

1. You don’t want to deal with peeling or chipping paint

(Old conventional paint on the left versus old limewash on right)

Conventional paints sit on top of surfaces creating a seal over walls. Over time, it peels & chips away, leaving once beautiful walls marred & unsightly. Limewash, on the other hand, soaks into porous surfaces & wicks away moisture. This allows walls to age gracefully & naturally, their appearance only improving over time. When it comes time to refresh a limewashed surface, you simply apply a new coat; no need to go through the hassle of scraping chipped paint & starting all over again. 


2. You want your walls to be more bold than boring

Ok, your glossy, flat walls were great for awhile, but now you're tired of the uniform look & want your rooms to truly stand out. Don’t underestimate the power of your wall finish choice; Limewash will set your walls apart from the rest because its natural color variation gives surfaces the appearance of texture & movement. Limewashed walls also create a unique canvas to showcase your treasured artwork & furnishings.


3. You're looking to maintain an eco-friendly home

How many times have you painted a room & had to evacuate the area for hours afterwards to avoid the awful fumes that paint puts off as it dries? Limewash is a great odorless alternative to synthetic paints because it is made with a small, pronounceable list of natural ingredients. This protects both you & your home from harmful toxins, & makes for a far better painting experience.

4. You have an old home

(Historic Branford-Horry house, Charleston, SC)

Historic homes require specific attention & care because they are built with porous masonry. If these surfaces aren’t treated with equally breathable finishes such as limewash, air & moisture will get stuck in the walls leading to bubbling, cracking, & potential structural damage.

Traditional masonry is also beautifully texture rich. Limewash enhances the natural differences in these textures, matching their particular, old-world style with the appropriate old-world look.

5. You want something customizable

You can achieve a truly exclusive backdrop for rooms with limewashed walls because the effects you get depend on your unique dilution, brush strokes, & color choice. One coat of conventional interior paint will look the same on just about any wall, but with limewash you can get creative by playing with your brush strokes & brush sizes.

A few brush stroke methods are: up & down, x- strokes & random cross hatch brush strokes (shown in video below.) With up & down strokes you will get a more even coverage with fewer marbling effects. X-strokes & cross hatch strokes creates a more mottled effect & works best with darker colors. Get creative with the size of your strokes & the size of the brushes you use.

Our Custom Color Services, takes the unique properties of limewash to the next level by giving you the power to get any color you’re after in a limewash or limepaint finish.

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